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Sunday, July 14, 2013

And a month later...

Here I am, past day 60, Day 63 to be exact, and it's not been a good month.

I'm not going to get into specifics, but things have been about as bad as we've seen them around here.. lots of stressful things going on, and our workouts just became the easiest thing to let go.  We just needed one less thing to have to worry about. So, days 31-60 were not as they should have been for us on Power 90. 

I did however make a decision that for me at least, I am starting over at Day 30. This makes the fact that I stopped blogging on day 30 pretty handy actually. I'm just going to pretend the last month didn't happen, and start from here.

On Day 30 (formerly known as Day 60) I did the Strength Training 3-4 workout... well okay half of it. It's pretty hard core compared to 1-2 AND I hadn't really been working out regularly.  I may have to just go back to 1-2 for a week or so, then try 3-4 again.  I want to get some heavier weights though. I think that'll help my progress a lot actually.  Right now I just have two 5lb dumbbells.

Day 31 was actually my birthday. Hubby, my 11 yr old and I went to the lake and swam for a long time. I'd say I was in the water about 2 hours. I've been trying to be a better swimmer, so I wasn't just splashing around.  I was working on my form for a few swim strokes, as well as doing underwater exercises.  I try to do all the cardio moves I can remember underwater since I am much more flexible underwater. Seriously, I had no idea I could lift my leg so high, or my knee, but when I'm in 5 ft deep water, it's easy. Sure makes climbing back up the steps out of the lake harder though haha!  I was worn out!

My nutrition has been far from "clean eating" though. This is mainly due to finances.  Healthy food is expensive.  It's also due to stress.  I'm sorry, but sometimes I NEED chocolate.  To hell with what other people think.

I've only gained back about 5 lbs and those are starting to come back off (some was water weight I think). 

I've gotten the treadmill set back up as well since it's so hot outside these days. Since I was so proud of myself for walking 5 miles on the walking trail a while back, I want to work up to doing 5 miles on the treadmill, then work on seeing how quickly I can do 5 miles. It would be great to be able to work up to 7 miles as well, since the trail we walk on is 3.5 miles long, so a round trip is 7 miles. The great thing is that on the treadmill I have a laptop holder, so I can watch my TV shows on Netflix while walking. I need to find more shows to watch though.  I'm running out of stuff!

Hopefully I'll do better this time around and post here more regularly with good updates! I did it a month,  I can do it again!