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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Power 90 Day 31 - Yesterday's photos and measurements!

We made it to Day 30! A third of the way there! I've still been kind of hit and miss with the workouts. I was so proud I didn't miss any for weeks, but then we both got off track and it's been hard to get back to it.  I usually do the strength training days, but always find an excuse not to do cardio. I could tell though, yesterday when we did the strength DVD together, I was less in shape than I had been.  I have to keep doing the cardio.  Though after the workout, we went out and did yard work together and I know I got my heart rate up.  Whew! I've not done my workout for today yet BUT the house has been full of teenagers and I want to workout with Christopher when he gets off work this afternoon.  No excuses this time.  I have to make him workout with me.  he's missed more than I have.

Ok, my measurements on Day One were:

Chest      45.5
R Arm    16.5
L Arm    17.12
Waist      48
Hips        48.25
R Thigh   26
L Thigh   24.75
R Calf      17
L Calf       17

Measurements for Day 30 are:

Chest      44.5
R Arm     16
L Arm      15.25
Waist        44
Hips          46.5
R Thigh     24
L Thigh     23.75
R Calf       16
L Calf        16

For a loss of 14.12 inches overall!  That's a lot of fat! Oddly I've only lost 3 lbs since I started Power 90.  So I'm guessing there must be some serious muscle gain under all the fat that's making up for the loss. I'm ok with that. :)

So, now the photos!

 Day One is on the left in blue. Day 30 is on the right.

I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I think the next month will show some really visible results.  I've started using Shakeology which is the supplement meal replacement shake that Beachbody sells (not cheap either!).  My coach actually gave us a bag for free which was part of a Challenge pack which included Hip Hop Abs!  My daughters are doing that workout now. I hope to add some of the Hip Hop Abs workouts to my Power 90 workouts to get an extra boost. My coach said that was a good idea. It looks like a lot of fun, but I don't know if I'm that coordinated lol. 

Anyway, the Shakeology has a ton of super foods in it, and I can tell my body is taking some time adjusting to it.  I think it's definitely working as a cleanse LOL.  I was hoping not to get too dependent on this brand of protein shakes since they're so expensive, but everything I've heard and read about how much they help with weightloss and making your body healthier might make me buy another month's worth afterall.  Especially if they have another challenge pack with the Les Mills Combat workout.  That one looks really awesome.

*** Update***  I just did my workout for today with Christopher.  I did all the ab rippers!!  Woohoo! My arms are jello now, which will be hard to  type with at work, hah.  Have a great night y'all!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Power 90 - Day 25! Really stoked!

I cannot believe we're already on Day 25 of Power 90!!  It seems to have flown by since we finally passed that slow first 2 week period.

I've gotten back to doing my daily workouts.  I haven't added anything else to them like walking or swimming since the weekend. Been too busy or the weather has been bad.Today was Sweat 1-2, and I was kind of ticked off at myself for having slacked off on doing the DVD workouts for so many days.  Last time I'd done the sweat workout, I'd been able to do all of the Power Yoga stuff, and this time I couldn't.  I had to just stop and catch my breath and watch Tony do another couple sets before moving on. Next time!  I will do it all!

I did try on the large in those capris I talked about before.  They did fit okay, but were a little snug in the butt.. I've actually got a butt now! I did a doubletake in the mirror when I first realized it too LOL!  I decided to keep the XL ones in the two colors I got for now.  They're comfy which is the point of them and I like the colors.  The sand ones go with everything. The orange ones are great, but I didn't have a lot that went with them. So when Christopher and I were in the big town up the road a couple days ago, he asked if I wanted to check out Old Navy since they always have great clearance deals on stuff whenever we go. I still can't believe I did it, but I ended up getting 2 shirts at $2.99 each that were on clearance.. they were XL, but the clingy stretchy stuff. I'd been used to buying big baggy men's 2XL shirts to hide myself in. I don't even know what prompted me to try them on other than the great price, but I did it, and I was shocked!  They didn't look horrible! They were snug, but it looked ok, good even. I didn't immediately think OMG cover that cow! This was a real turning point for me! I even remember thinking, "What's that?!  I can see my belly button straight on?! "  It used to "face" the floor since my fat roll was so big LOL. ... I still can't believe I can wear anything from Old Navy that's not in the big guy's section! And they're cute tops!

Another thing that's happened that's very weird for me, is I am wearing tank tops now. I used to REFUSE to wear a tank top unless I had something on over it. I hated my arms that much.  I didn't want to see them, and I certainly didn't want anyone else to see them.  While they're not great to look at now, I don't mind it anymore. I guess I finally just got over it. This is really great because most dresses these days have just straps at the top, not sleeves. Maybe I'll actually get and wear a dress again?!?! *gasp*

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Power 90 Wow Day 23 already?! Seeing results!

Well as I had said in the last entry, we were losing momentum. However, things have kind of turned around for me.  I understand now why cross training is such a good idea. Doing the same workouts every day for 2 weeks was doing a little for me, but not enough.  That has changed now.

Friday, I only had 2 of the girls at home since Faelyn was at her grandma's.  Christopher was working, so I decided since I just got paid, why not take the girls to the pool at the Davy Crockett Birthplace park.  It's in the middle of nowhere and usually only has campers in it. So we did! It was great!  The pool hardly had anyone in it and the water was so crystal clear and warm.. It was really nice. I swam around in there, trying to work my arms and legs as much as I could for at least an hour, then got out and laid in the sun to dry my bathing suit and get some color. I have more of a tan this year than I have in decades! Though it's more like one big freckle lol.

Saturday, Christopher had to work again, but Faelyn was back home and Corina (my oldest daughter) had called and said she and her husband Tyler wanted to go swimming.  So we all piled in their Explorer and went up to the lake. It's farther away but it's FREE! We ended up staying for over 5 hours, in and out of the water. Christopher even came up and met us when he got off work.  Then we went out to dinner together.  It was really nice.  Anyway, I did more working out with my arms and legs in the water for a long time til I got pretty tired and got out to dry off and eat a protein bar.

Sunday was my rest day.  While I hadn't done the DVD workouts on Friday or Saturday, I did still get a pretty good workout, so I'm counting that. By Monday morning, I was finally really noticing some changes. I'm starting to see definition in my legs.  They're not just solid logs of round fat anymore. Parts of my thighs are starting to sink in a little. It's very slight, but I know it's there.

Unfortunately Monday ended up being a second rest day.  I had plenty of time to do my workout early in the day, but I wanted to workout with Christopher.  He was supposed to get off work at 2pm.  However, he didn't get off work til after 4, then we had to run errands and make dinner then I had to work and he had an article to write.  So, I never got my workout in at all yesterday.

Today I decided I was just not going to wait on him anymore.  I had to make sure I did my workout no matter what. So, I got up early and did the workout first thing. I was really surprised! It was the day for cardio again which I usually hate. I don't like the power yoga part because I've not been able to do it well... but today I did all of it! I feel MUCH more flexible, and my legs feel stronger. The knee lifts also were a little easier, and I was able to get my knees much higher than before.  I know this is due to the swimming exercises I've been doing.  I'd work on getting my knees really high since it's so easy in the water.  I think this helped get those muscles stretched and more flexible.  It was awesome!  I feel great!

Also, since the scales were so erratic in the bathroom floor which is uneven, we had moved the scales to the back door area by our bedroom door. It's much more stable there... I just wasn't happy because my weight on the scales there was a lot higher than in the bathroom.  But I agreed it was more regular of a reading, so we left it there. Well, I'm finally below the weight I thought I was to start with! After seeing the weight suddenly go back to a higher number and then not move at all for a week or two.. it was really discouraging. Now, seeing it go down AND seeing the changes in my body, I am so thrilled!

One thing that's kind of freaking me out is that I may need to return a pair of capris I bought in an XL and switch them for a L!  I've not work a large in anything in YEARS!  maybe DECADES! I don't know for sure yet.  Have to try on the L, but the XLs just feel much too big. Hooray!

 The measuring tape says I've lost 4 inches on my waist! That's a LOT cause I was bit around to start with! So happy!
We take our 30 day photos soon.  I can't wait to see what a difference there is now. One more week!  Oh and I am going swimming again this weekend! I can't get enough of the lake!