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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Power 90 - Day 25! Really stoked!

I cannot believe we're already on Day 25 of Power 90!!  It seems to have flown by since we finally passed that slow first 2 week period.

I've gotten back to doing my daily workouts.  I haven't added anything else to them like walking or swimming since the weekend. Been too busy or the weather has been bad.Today was Sweat 1-2, and I was kind of ticked off at myself for having slacked off on doing the DVD workouts for so many days.  Last time I'd done the sweat workout, I'd been able to do all of the Power Yoga stuff, and this time I couldn't.  I had to just stop and catch my breath and watch Tony do another couple sets before moving on. Next time!  I will do it all!

I did try on the large in those capris I talked about before.  They did fit okay, but were a little snug in the butt.. I've actually got a butt now! I did a doubletake in the mirror when I first realized it too LOL!  I decided to keep the XL ones in the two colors I got for now.  They're comfy which is the point of them and I like the colors.  The sand ones go with everything. The orange ones are great, but I didn't have a lot that went with them. So when Christopher and I were in the big town up the road a couple days ago, he asked if I wanted to check out Old Navy since they always have great clearance deals on stuff whenever we go. I still can't believe I did it, but I ended up getting 2 shirts at $2.99 each that were on clearance.. they were XL, but the clingy stretchy stuff. I'd been used to buying big baggy men's 2XL shirts to hide myself in. I don't even know what prompted me to try them on other than the great price, but I did it, and I was shocked!  They didn't look horrible! They were snug, but it looked ok, good even. I didn't immediately think OMG cover that cow! This was a real turning point for me! I even remember thinking, "What's that?!  I can see my belly button straight on?! "  It used to "face" the floor since my fat roll was so big LOL. ... I still can't believe I can wear anything from Old Navy that's not in the big guy's section! And they're cute tops!

Another thing that's happened that's very weird for me, is I am wearing tank tops now. I used to REFUSE to wear a tank top unless I had something on over it. I hated my arms that much.  I didn't want to see them, and I certainly didn't want anyone else to see them.  While they're not great to look at now, I don't mind it anymore. I guess I finally just got over it. This is really great because most dresses these days have just straps at the top, not sleeves. Maybe I'll actually get and wear a dress again?!?! *gasp*

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