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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Power 90 Day 11 - Keep On Keepin On

We haven't missed a day of workouts! Hooray! We just keep at it. I feel like I'm toning up, but I don't see a lot of difference in the measuring tape or the scales yet. Christopher LOOKS smaller already. I think we may take photos at 15 days, just for our own benefit to see if anything really is changing. I think I need some more reinforcement that it's working.

Yesterday was the Strength training and I did all the pushups!  I am sure they aren't pretty ones, and I doubt I really am doing them like I should be, but I do try!  They're hard!  I went to bed last night looking forward to today's workout because it has the Ab Ripper and I can't wait to lose this gut. Am I going crazy?  Looking forward to working out?

I did the same today on the abs as I did last time, which is pretty good. I do all the reps til the very last set and I just can't do them.  It's a really hard set, and by then my abs have given out, along with the rest of me. It's even hard for me to roll over and do the stretches!

My girls have started working out with us more. Since we have weights and the resistance band, Faelyn had her boyfriend do the strength training one with her yesterday before Christopher and I did ours together. Then today, Faelyn and Rhiannon were watching me do the cardio, when Faelyn said she wanted to do the abs routine too since she wants to flatten her tummy.  Then we talked Rhiannon into doing them too. It was fun doing them with the girls.  We were all moaning and groaning LOL!

After we recovered from the ab ripper, I got cleaned up and changed, and we walked around the block (if you can call it that in the country) to Sonic since they had 50 cent corndogs today for end-of-school celebration. I got them each one as well as their sister who was at a friend's house. We got drinks too.  I got a diet peach green tea.  It was SO good! I usually just drink water, but it was nice to have something different. 

On the way back, we walked by the elementary school and went down to the pond that has a raised walkway over it, then headed up the steep hill to the benches on the top of the hill overlooking it.  Rhiannon found a  geocache there that she'd been wanting to find for a while.  Her dad and I found it a few months ago without her. So that was fun. Then we headed back home. It was such a wonderful day to go for a walk. They were talking about how great it would be to walk on the walking trail that starts at the college and goes through the countryside, complete with a walking bridge over the highway. That's exactly the kind of thing I want to do with my kids.  Before starting Power 90, I would have never given such a walk a second thought.  It's a pretty long trek even though it is on a mostly flat paved walkway. So, I'm hoping we can do that together soon. Once I'm in even better shape, I can't wait to go hiking in the mountains with them again.  We did that with our oldest daughter when she was very young.  Christopher and I were both in fairly decent shape then. That was a LONG time ago.

The girls want to go swimming a lot this summer as well.  I'm determined to get over my fear of the water and learn to swim.  Christopher is going to teach Zoe to swim this summer, and I've asked him to give me lessons as well.

For dinner tonight, we had home made pizzas again, but someone had eaten the last two pitas. So, Christopher and I ended up having to have the regular pizzas I made for the girls. I'd found a 2-pack crust with sauce pack at Big Lots for $3 and couldn't pass that up.  I only ate a piece and a half (small pieces too), because the bread was so thick. It filled me up and I didn't find it very appetizing.  I'll definitely get pitas next time we do them.

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