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Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Inspiration!

As I said before, our coach for Team Beachbody is my husband's brother in law.  His name is Chris Garret. My husband, Christopher, did not grow up with his half sisters, so we don't know Chris and Tekoa very well.  We did meet at C's grandfather's funeral a couple years ago. They were very sweet people. We met them before they had started doing the workouts that brought them to where they are now, and we've not seen them in person since... but Chris' photos tell the story!

Check out their website at - click the photo above.

His transformation in just those first 100 days is amazing! My Christopher started out a little bigger than Chris in his Day 1 photo, but I know he and I both will look and feel great when this is all done. And we'll be able to say we did it!  I'm not expecting Christopher to look like Chris at day 100. I am sure a long way from looking like Tekoa, (heck I want to look like her Before photo! lol - you can see her photos at their site , just click the photos above.) I know everyone is different, but even just dropping some of this weight will be good for our health.

They have a great Facebook group just for the folks they coach that's really supportive and upbeat, and we joined a Challenge Group that started not too long after we decided to buy Power 90. It really keeps us on track and makes us feel accountable. We already are to each other, but this makes it even more serious. It's great to see other people doing the challenge too, even though they're not all doing the same program. Some are on P90X, some are doing Insanity, some Les Mills Combat (which I can't wait to be able to do!).  I'd only ever heard of P90X before... and it was like some mythological thing only super fit people could do without puking... and here I am thinking that someday, maybe in 90 days, I'll be able to start doing it myself! Amazing!

If you're even somewhat thinking about getting into shape, please give Chris or Tekoa a try as your coach.  Having them as a coach is free!  Click the photo above to go to their site and then the top left article there is about how to get signed up. Whatever you end up doing, having support is such a great way to help keep at it and not stop.

In case you're wondering, I am not getting anything for plugging their site and coaching,  I just really want more people to know about this program.  It's really great for folks who need that extra motivation!

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