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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new blog!

I have quite a few followers on my other blog, My Chaotic Home,  but I think things have changed quite a bit since I started it.  This blog is more about where my life is heading now.  It's like a new start for me. I really feel like my life is changing, and this is just one way of showing that.

I'm going to port over some of the posts from there.  The ones dealing with our health and weight-loss journey. So, if you're following me from the old site, you may have seen those before.

My husband and I have both been very overweight, obese really, and his health is really suffering due to it. He had a heart attack at age 36 and was recently in the hospital for his second TIA ("ministroke").  The doctors said he's already on the medication given for TIA.. there's not much more they can do - but my husband can change something - his weight.  At that time we both agreed, that was it. We had to make a change. We were running out of do-overs.

My husband's brother-in-law is a coach for Team Beachbody and is such an inspiration to us both. My sister in law is as well.  She and my husband didn't grow up together.  They're half-siblings, but family is family. We decided to contact him and ask how to go about changing ourselves the way he had. We ended up getting the Power 90 In Home Boot Camp, and are so glad we did. (You may recognize the name P90X - well Power 90 is like the beginner version of that.)

When we joined up with Chris as our coach, he added us to his closed Facebook group and then we found that we joined just in time to join a big 90 day challenge group that was starting. Since it wouldn't start for another week, we decided to go ahead and get a jump start by doing the extra free gift DVD that came with the set.  It's the Power 90 6-Day Fat burn Express. I loved it!

The first day, I could barely move and had to actually sit down 3 times during it. The second day, I could do the whole thing! I was actually surprised.  By the end of the 6 days I could zip right through it and looked forward to the workouts! We followed the meal plan that came with it, to a T. It was so liberating to have meals planned for us.  All we had to do was follow the directions. We didn't have to think about what to cook or fix and try to be healthy. That was pretty awesome.  That week, we still cooked separate meals for our girls. I lost 9 lbs that week!

We then had 2 days off over the weekend, then started the actual Power 90 program on Monday, May 13th. There are two discs.  One has Cardio/Abs 1-2 and Strength training 1-2.  The other has them both for 3-4. You can also go straight to the Abs routine if you wish. The idea is to switch from the 1-2 disc to the 3-4 disc when you can do the first program without any modifications. We're on Day 11 as I write this, and I am nowhere near doing it without modifying something. Simple stuff too, like I can't do a normal jumping jack.  I kind of move my feet back and forth still - no jumping. Also, my pushups probably look NOTHING like the ones Tony Horton does. I am hoping though that I can move on by Day 30.  If not, then at least by day 60 for sure. I do feel stronger every day.

While Power 90 doesn't have a set meal plan like the 6-day did, it does have guidelines and ideas. There's recipes in the book, and I found more on the Team Beachbody website. My intent is to post our meals at least several times a week, if not daily.

I also want to post how my workouts are going, and how I'm feeling about them and my weight-loss/toning in general.

As this journey continues, I hope to also get other areas of my life organized and back in shape, like the house and our finances. I'll tag those posts with different keywords, so you can skip reading those if you aren't interested.

Thanks for coming to my new blog, and I hope you enjoy following along on my journey to getting organized and healthy!


  1. Hi Patty... congrats on the new blog and I look forward to following your journey.

    ~ Denise @

    1. Thanks Denise! I really appreciate it :)