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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Power 90 Day 17 - Back on track and a Dr visit

Today I woke up  wanting to get a walk in before all the other stuff started happening.  It was going to be FDN (Family Dinner Night), and I wanted to work out with Christopher when he got home from work.  However, when I finally got fully awake, I realized my mother in law was already here. That's not really a reason not to go walking, but it slowed me down a bit.  Then I saw my kitchen.  It was a disaster area. It looked like 90% of the tupperware stuff in the fridge had been emptied and all the leftovers eaten and dishes left all over the place. The sink was full, the counters were full, there was even stuff stacked on the stove. Rhiannon, I groggily remembered had gone to the park for a picnic and swimming with her boyfriend. It was her week to do dishes. I called her and blessed her out for leaving before doing her chores (she knows better). She came home a little later and got started on them.

Since I was no longer in the mood to go walking, I decided to get started on dinner.  The only thing we could make that would feed a lot of people were kabobs, so I got the chicken prepped and the veggies.  Then I realized someone had eaten all the chunks of pineapple and mushrooms. I also got the feeling we were out of charcoal.  I sent Faelyn and her grandma to the store to get a list of stuff I needed, and I got the food I did have marinating in the fridge.

About that time I wondered where the heck Christopher was.  He worked 6-3 or so I thought, and it was nearly 4. I texted him, and it turns out he worked til 5. Sigh.  So I made my protein and spinach shake and went to listen to my Audible book. When Faelyn got back, she said they were out of pineapple, but I had found a handful someone had left in a small container in the fridge, oh well. Everything had been marinating about an hour by the time Christopher walked in.

He said the kabobs had to be ready to go as soon as he started the coals, so the girls put them together while he and I did our workout. We finally were back to doing the strength training workout. I am proud to say I did all the pushups!  They may not have been perfect or very low, but I did them instead of just collapsing.  My arms are fussing at me even as I write this. The back scratchers on my right arm were rough, but I felt great knowing I DID them! I love the strength training workout, even the pushups.  I really like feeling stronger!

Christopher did tell me what happened at his Dr appt today... this was a special appt he set up after his TIA (mini stroke) last month.  He's going in for a TEE next week. They need to see if there is a hole in his heart that a clot from his kidney tumor could have gotten through and into his neck or brain. If they don't find a hole, then he has to go for an ultrasound later to see if there's a severe buildup in his neck arteries. If there is a hole, then he'll have to have surgery to repair it. I was numb hearing all of this.  Oh and if it is the arteries being blocked, then he'll have to go on coumadin for the rest of his life.  That's dangerous.  And he'll be on Plavix too. Scary.

Another thing was that one of his toenails just fell off last week.  The Dr was not happy to hear that.  He said it could have been due to a blood clot which could be very likely since his mother has a weid rare (in that no one else has ever had this before) blood disorder.  Her blood runs think like molasses and even coumadin does nothing for it.  She was on the highest dose they can give and she was still getting blood clots in her lungs.  So, while we thought his health problems were really behind him and we were going to get healthy for the rest of our lives... it looks like we're still battling his heart disease. I hate it.

Here's a pic of dinner.  So good!

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